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Hiki – Based out of China, they make decent kit inexpensively.
Trident Military – Their eBay store tends to be the better bet for what they have in stock. Most of it is correct, but please check with a unit member before ordering.
Collect Russia – They carry many actual period items as well as some reproductions.
Voenspec – A site in Russia that specializes in WW2 kit. Amazing stuff, but may take some time to arrive.
Schuster – Another site in Russia, has some very unique items you won’t find elsewhere.


2nd Bn South Staffordshire Regiment – Our sister unit, they portray the British glider troops from WWII.
3rd Rifle Division – Our comrades in arms in the North East.
13th Guards Division (UK) – The 13th Guards reenacted in the United Kingdom. Their page has a lot of useful information.


Red Army Online – The best resource around (especially the Stavka section) for RKKA reenactors.
The Red Guard – Another great resource for improving your kit and your look.