Historical Unit

The Red Workers’ and Peasants’ Army (RKKA) fought bravely against Nazi expansion, defended their homeland, and effectively ended the war in Europe with the capture of Berlin.

The 13th Guards Rifle Division started as the 87th Rifle Division, and were awarded Guards status on 19 January, 1942 after distinguishing themselves in Kiev. The status of “Guards” was awards to units who had shown bravery as whole, and were considered elite.

Under the leadership of Alexander Rodimtsev, the 13th Guards fought at the Battle of Kharkov, then after being refitted, were sent to Stalingrad. 10,000 soldiers were in the division when they arrived at Stalingrad, but only about 300 survived after Operations Uranus, Little Saturn, and Ring.

Once again refitted, the 13th Guards continued through, fighting at Kursk, liberating Ukraine, and finally in to Berlin itself.